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Who's Martin?

I have always been a performer. 


My storytelling began at the dinner table. When my parents would ask me how my day was, I would always launch into a colorful tale, recounting every detail to epic proportions. 30 minutes later, my quesadillas were cold and my brother was itching for a chance to speak!


Then I started singing and dancing. My family loved going on cruises for holidays and our favorite thing to do was cruise ship karaoke! Over a dozen cruises spanning almost 40 countries, I have sang and danced to the likes of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood (A crowd favorite). This is where I fell in love with performing night after night in front of a room of total strangers.

Between countless worldwide adventures and an early-cultivated love for the arts, I have seen and felt how a rich soul goes hand and hand with a rich performance. At its very beginning, art was a way of expressing what words alone could not. Remembering this enriches the art we make today, while also broadening the possibilities art holds in its future. I strive to carry this wonder and passion into the work I do in the rehearsal room, letting it radiate once I finally hit the stage! 


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Commercial Headshot

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A Day in the Life

The first thing everyone seems to notice about me is that I am always doing everything, everywhere, all at once! Described as a modern renaissance man, I attribute my busy lifestyle to my constant pursuit of life's joys. While my schedule may look chaotic to some, I see it as me getting the most out of what life has to offer. Any time not spent chasing dreams or making art is spent helping others chase theirs. To me, experience is a driving force behind our growth as people and as artists. The more we have of it, the more we grow! 

The fuller the life, the fuller the artist.
The fuller the artist, the fuller the performance.
The fuller the performance, the fuller the bank. 

TCU Dutchmen

Coming to a big screen near you, or right to your living room, I am a TCU Dutchmen who cheers on the Horned Frogs each and every Saturday. This has garnered me a number of interviews and some commercial and TV appearances, but my favorite part of being a Dutchmen is leading the roar of thousands of people praying for a Horned Frogs victory. After 3 years, the time is coming for me to hang up the overalls, but Horned Frog Gameday will always have a place in my heart!

Climbing and Outdoors

Ever since I was little, I have loved the outdoors. My family owns a cabin in the Virginia mountains and I loved to go up there to canoe, fish, climb trees, even build forts. In college, this passion for nature manifested into a job at the TCU Outdoor Center as Lead Staff at the Rock Climbing Wall. Rock climbing soon became an important part of my fitness routine and an even bigger part of my life. Now, I am the marketing manager for the Outdoor Center, helping more people fall in love with the beauty of the outdoors! 

Travel and Adventure

My favorite hobby is, whenever I'm able, to travel and explore the world around me. My travels have brought me all around the world and given me some life experiences I will never forget. I've hiked through jungles, explored coral reefs, swam with whale sharks, eaten some crazy cuisine, and met the most inspiring of people. The only passion that rivals my passion for travel and adventure is the art I use to share my experiences with the world!

Music and Writing

One of my greatest passions has always been music and writing. I wrote my first song in 5th grade on the piano, called "Intergalactic Girl", to the pop chord progression we all know and love. Now,my writing has become much more sophisticated. I love to post new songs on Instagram and have even published an album, Ashes / Dust, on Spotify, Apple Music, and more! I currently have a few projects in the works for the spring that I cannot wait to release more information on. To learn more, check out my music page!

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