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Music and New Releases

In addition to being an aspiring Actor-Dancer, Martin has practical skills in music composition, music arrangement, and lyricism. He has composed over 20 original works including one album. Enjoy reading about some of his new projects and published works below!

Upcoming Works


New Single: BS Harmony

BS Harmony will be Martin's first fully produced work since 2021. An ode to the growth someone has in their pursuit of passion, Martin tries to capture the maturation of love, while also showcasing the lengths someone will go to for love.


Published Works


Ashes / Dust (2021)

Ashes / Dust  was Martin's first album ever produced. He had written songs and recorded them for Instagram, but during the COVID-19 Pandemic, he decided to record an album. Over the summer of 2021, Martin wrote, played, and recorded Ashes / Dust and released it in the fall of 2021, with the Bonus Track, Mrs. Right.  



1. Ashes

2. Fire and Ice

3. Ashes to Dust

4. Turn to Dust

5. Dust

Bonus Track: Mrs. Right

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